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MAXTECH Automation Machinery Co.,Ltd— is a high-tech automation company which is specialized in manufacturing Mattress packingmachinery and applies the latest mattress pack technologies av


Email: sales@maxtech-auto.com

  • MAX-PM-3 Pillow Cases Making Machine (Auto sewing label)
  • MAX-A-MPL Auto Mattress Packing Line
  • MAX-CCM CNC Contour Cutting Machine (Vibration blade)
  • MAX-LS  Horizontal Foam Long Sheet Cutting Machine (with auto sheet rewinder)
  • MAX-A-VCM Auto Foam Vertical Cutting Machine
  • MAX-PCM Pillow Cases Close Machine
  • MAX-PM-2 Pillow Cases Making Machine (two sides sewing)
  • MAX-PC-PLC Automatic Foam Peeling Machine
  • MAX-CCM-EVA CNC Contour Cutting Machine
  • MAX-CFM CNC Continuous Foaming Production Line
  • MAX-BFM Auto Batch Foaming Machine
  • MAX-MF Manual Foaming Machine
  • MAX-RF Foam Rebonding Machine
  • MAX-KC Foam Crusher
  • MAX-PR Automatic Pillow Roll Packing Machine
  • MAX-PM Pillow Cases Making Machine
  • MAX-A-CRM Auto Mattress Packing Line (Manual bagging type)
  • MAX-S-CRM Simplify Mattress Packing Line
  • MAX-A-MC Auto Mattress Compressing Machine
  • MAX-CPR Semi-auto Mattress Compressing Machine
  • MAX-A-MP Auto Mattress Packing Machine
  • MAX-RPM-3 Mattress Roll Packing Machine(Exit adjustable)
  • MAX-RPM Mattress Roll Packing Machine
  • MAX-A-FRC Auto Foam-roll Compressing Machine
  • MAX-MP Mattress Film Packing Machine
  • MAX-CVM Mattress Covering Machine
  • MAX-CT Mattress Check Table
  • MAX-LM Mattress Lifting Machine
  • MAX-FRM Mattress Folding and Rotating Machine
  • MAX-CCM CNC Contour Cutting Machine (Circle blade type)
  • MAX-CCM CNC Contour Cutting Machine
  • MAX-CCM-H CNC Hot Wire Contour Cutter
  • MAX-CRM Foam Circle Cutting Machine
  • MAX-HCM Foam Horizontal Cutting Machine
  • MAX-VCM Foam Vertical Cutting Machine
  • MAX-LS Foam Long Sheet Cutting Machine
  • MAX-PC Foam Peeling Machine
  • MAX-BR Foam Boring Machine
  • MAX-PR Foam Profile Cutting Machine
  • MAX-FJ Foam Jointing Machine