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MAX-RPM-3 Mattress Roll Packing Machine(Exit adjustable)

MAX-RPM-3 Mattress Roll Packing Machine(Exit adjustable)

This machine is mainly for all kinds of compressed mattress (Bonnell(non border )spring mattress and pocket spring mattress) , roll packaging foam or latex directly, easy to transportation and delivery. Greatly save storage and transportation costs for Mattress, foam manufacturers, distributors and Online retailers. Also provide convenient transportation to the final customers, it change the traditional way of wasting manpower to handling mattress, customers can easily move the mattress on the car or elevator alone.

Adopt last lap wrap-round film packaging, instead of the traditional machine which the film follow the whole mattress packaging, greatly saved the film cost. It also equipped with unique heating wire welding, double sealing to ensure the film’s firm welding effect and increase the appearance.

High automation degree, labor-saving, mattress’s transportation and roll package is fully automatic. Automatically adjusts the package diameter size according to the thickness and hardness-softness of mattress. This machine can connected with Auto Mattress Packing Machine or Semi-auto Mattress Compressing machine as a automatic production Line.