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MAX-A-MPL Auto Mattress Packing Line

MAX-A-MPL Auto Mattress Packing Line

Auto Mattress Packing Line achieves the really automatic integration.The mattress feeding, compressing, folding and roll packing is totally controlled by computer. 

The Packing Line composed of four parts, each part can be used separately:

1. Auto Mattress CompressingMachine (use the whole roll film, no need to make the film bag according to each kind of mattress specification, save materials; automatically induct the mattress feeding and then auto compress to weld the four-side of the mattress.

2. Angle Table (with double choice, roll packing directly or choose to secondary compress packing by computer).

3. Auto Mattress Folding and Rotating Machine (can choose the width or length of the mattress to fold in half by computer, save more space).

4. Mattress Roll Packing Machine (the roll package diameter of compressed mattress can be adjusted by computer).Auto Mattress Pushing Device is optional.

Fully automated operation, save the manpower and increase of efficiency, it is an ideal choice for mattresses and sponges manufacturers to realize automatic unmanned plant.

After packaging, greatly reduce the storage space, save transportation costs, Convenient to flitting.