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MAX-CCM-H CNC Hot Wire Contour Cutter

MAX-CCM-H CNC Hot Wire Contour Cutter

The Hot Wire Contour Cutter is mainly used to cut polystyrene, EPS, rigid foam and rebounded foam etc. Adopts hot wire cutting, computer controlling and driven by the remarkable CMI Profiler software, which speeds up the design process and enables the operator to obtain the best yield from the foam block.

Main features:

1.Adopts linear guide track and ball screw transmission, which ensures the accuracy of transmission and long life of machine;

 2.Adopts stepper motor control, which ensure cutting accuracy and requirement for any graphics cutting;

3.High cutting efficiency, which can cut with multi hot wires at the same time;

4.Easy operation, adopting DXF international file format;

5.With cutting analog function, which can check the cut file if it’s correct in the computer before it’s in process, so as to reduce waste of the foam.